transportation loan

Option 2: Letters to Ministers

Please write to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to urge that the government absorb the costs of the transportation and overseas medical expenses for resettled refugees and dependants abroad of protected persons.

Here are some suggestions for your letters - please send letters* to both:

*Note:  you need to put a stamp on your letters to these addresses, unlike letters to Members of Parliament at the House of Commons address

Option 1: Postcards

Order campaign postcards to send to the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Citizenship or your Member of Parliament. This will make a great action activity for your next community event!

To order, print, fill out and submit this form.

Here are some suggestions of what to write in the back of the postcards you print out and take with you:


Suggestions for text for postcards


SEND your postcard to: