Protecting refugees = Stronger communities

Refugees flee for their lives, often with few possessions and little hope for the future.

When we welcome refugees to our communities, we offer safety, security, a new home and opportunities to rebuild livelihoods.

When we open our doors and communities to refugees, they offer knowledge, new ideas, innovative skills, entrepreneurial drive, community leadership and so much more.

When Canada and Canadians welcome refugees, we all benefit:

Protecting Refugees = Stronger Communities

Join this campaign to help strengthen our commitment to welcoming refugees.

JTrinhHere’s how you can get involved

  • Read this toolkit to find out more about the campaign and how to boost public support and welcoming attitudes towards refugees (if you are not with a CCR member organization, click here to send us an email and we will send you some materials)
  • Call on the government to adopt our policy recommendations.

And there's more still to come, including ways to get involved:

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With others:

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      Why this campaign:

      Support for refugees in Canada is at a turning point. In response to the crisis facing refugees from Syria, Canada and Canadians took action. But since then, Canada’s leadership on refugees has dropped.

      To ensure Canada welcomes and protects refugees, we need to activate more voices in favour of refugees and former-refugees-now-Canadians in our communities.

      The keys to this turnaround are human and economic. And they are gaps that we can all help to fill.

      By demonstrating the important economic and social contributions of former refugees, we can show the positive contributions and impact that they bring to our communities overall.

      Get involved with this campaign to help:

      • Boost public support and welcoming attitudes among Canadians towards refugees in all categories.
      • Urge the Canadian government to adopt recommendations for refugee resettlement and reforms to the refugee determination system.
        • Resettle 20,000 government-assisted refugees annually.
        • Ensure applications of privately sponsored refugees are processed within 12 months.
        • Increase resources for refugee determination and reform the system so that all claimants have access to a fair hearing before an expert independent tribunal (the Immigration and Refugee Board)