Resources on Bill C-11 (refugee reform, 2010)

CCR resources on  Bill C-11 (refugee reform, 2010)

CCR comments on C-11 Regulatory Amendments, April 2011

Changes to the Refugee System – What C-11 Means, September 2010

CCR brief on C-11, May 2010

Media release, Bill C-11 Needs Thorough Review, 27 April 2010

Media release, Proposed Refugee Reform Undermines Fairness to Refugees, 30 March 2010

Overview document, Refugee Reform: Weighing The Proposals, PDF, 19 April 2010

Open letter on Refugee Reform

Blog, What’s in a number? The Hungarian claims, 24 April 2010

Statement on amended Bill C-11, 10 June 2010

OTHER resources on Bill C-11 (2010):

Bill C-11 - the text

Canada Gazette, Part I, Regulations Amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, 19 March 2011

Report of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

All briefs concerning Bill C-11

The text of Bill C-11 with the amendments passed by Committee

Government releases:

Expanding Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Programs, March 29, 2010

Balanced reforms planned for Canada’s asylum system, March 30, 2010

Comments from other organizations on Bill C-11 (2010):

UNHCR, Brief

Amnesty International, Brief

Amnesty International, Preliminary statement

Mennonite Central Committee

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

Refugee Lawyers Association of Ontario press release (PDF)

Refugee Lawyers Association of Ontario Brief (PDF)

Canadian Bar Association - letter to Minister (PDF)

Canadian Bar Association - Brief - Executive Summary(PDF)

Parkdale Community Legal Services - Submission to Standing Committee (PDF)

Barreau du Québec - Letter (PDF) (in French)

Other comments

Refugee Reform is a Mixed Bag That Needs to be Aired, Catherine Dauvergne

Centre for Refugee Studies, workshop on Bill C-11, with Jennifer Hyndman and Sean Rehaag, available at

Community Public Hearing on Bill C-11, the Refugee Reform Bill, Toronto, May 6th.  Parts 1 to 15 available at:

Community Public Hearing on Bill C-11, the Refugee Reform Bill, Montreal, May 18th.  Podcast available at: