7. Extradition of refugees

May 2008
  1. The Canadian government has proceeded with extradition requests against Protected Persons, putting them at risk of return to the country where they have a well-founded fear of persecution;
  2. In some cases the extradition request seems to be based on evidence that may be motivated by racism;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR ask the Government of Canada to give full respect to obligations under the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the Convention Against Torture, and not to proceed with extradition requests against Protected Persons unless status has been vacated or extradition would be justified under the Conventions.

Working Group:

12. Bill – C-40

May 1998
  1. Bill C-40 contains provisions which amend the Immigration Act to deem some persons facing extradition to have received a decision of the Immigration and Refugee Board and to be found not to be a Convention Refugee even though no hearing of the Immigration and Refugee Board was actually held;
  2. These amendments to the Immigration Act deny refugee claimants their right to a hearing before the IRB and to make submissions to establish their claim to refugee status;
  3. International human rights have been involved in extraditions and expulsions by Canada and have been the object of views by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, for example, in the cases of Ng, Khan, and Cox;
  4. In the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Canada has accepted responsibility for measures necessary to ensure these international rights;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR:

  1. Call upon the Government of Canada to withdraw the proposed amendments and redraft them to ensure refugee claimants' rights to a fair hearing before the IRB are protected and to ensure that the Extradition Act and Immigration Act conform with Canada's international human rights treaty obligations and related international standards;
  2. Request the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration review the proposed amendments and accept submissions from the CCR and other interested parties.
Working Group: