We are Treaty Peoples

Resolution number
  1. Canada as a nation has yet to fully respect the Indigenous nations and honour their inherent rights as acknowledged by the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and provided for by the many subsequent Treaties.
  2. Injustices and harms have been – and continue to be – perpetrated upon Indigenous peoples as a result of the colonization of the First Peoples and the racist policies of the governments in Canada.
  3. Despite Canada's economic prosperity, First Peoples continue to experience a disproportionate level of poverty and related disparities as compared to the rest of the population.
  4. As Treaty peoples, we share a vision for Canada which promises fairness, respect, justice, equality and prosperity for everyone on these lands and territories.
  5. We believe that the first critical step towards realizing that vision is the rebuilding and renewing of the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of Canada through a process of reconciliation that fully honours our respective roles as Treaty peoples.
Therefore be it resolved

that the CCR honour all the Treaties upon which this country is founded and which bind all of us as Treaty peoples.

Working Group
Immigration and Settlement