Volunteer work

Resolution number
  1. All levels of government and other funding organizations recognize and actively promote the benefits of volunteering to the community at large and to the individual volunteers;
  2. Refugees look to volunteer work to gain Canadian experience and to reduce social isolation;
  3. In Ontario refugees are required to do volunteer work in order to receive social assistance ("workfare program");
  4. CIC BC Region has issued a communiqué fact sheet to inform the voluntary sector that volunteerism is a form of work and as such requires an employment authorization prior to participation in volunteer work;
  5. There are similar problems arising in other provinces across Canada;
  6. This puts an undue obligation on the voluntary sector organizations to monitor and police this requirement and inhibits refugees from active participation in the community during the initial settlement period;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR request that CIC not interpret volunteer work as requiring an employment authorization.

Working Group
Immigration and Settlement