Resolution number
  1. Immigrants and refugees with and without status have contributed to Canada's economic and social well-being throughout this country's history;
  2. Canada is home to many immigrants and refugees who do not have permanent resident status;
  3. These immigrants and refugees have come to Canada for a variety of reasons, including social problems, war, political persecution, family reunification and economic dislocation, often as a result of globalization and trade liberalization;
  4. An increasingly restrictive Canadian immigration policy screens out all but a select few;
  5. The Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement could create more non-status persons by forcing refugee claimants to turn to desperate measures in an attempt to reach their destinations;
  6. Organizations such as the Vancouver Association of Chinese Canadians (VACC), le Comité d'action des sans statut, the Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association and STATUS (Campaign to regularize Non-Status Immigrants) recognize the struggles persons without status face here in Canada;
  7. As members of the CCR, we are part of a progressive organization that is committed to the rights and protection of refugees in Canada and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Continue to raise the level of awareness of the needs of non-status immigrants and refugees living in Canada through CCR networks and consultations;
  2. Advocate for the rights of non-status immigrants and refugees in Canada;
  3. Raise with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration the regularization of non-status immigrants and refugees living in Canada;
  4. Endorse and support campaigns working for the rights of non-status immigrants and refugees in Canada which are consistent with CCR policies.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement