Settlement sector working conditions

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Resolution number: 
May 2001
  1. The CCR in June 1994 called on CIC to fund agencies at levels to provide for adequate working conditions;
  2. Staff working in CIC funded programs, including in provinces that have signed agreements, are skilled professionals;
  3. There is wide variation in funding levels for salaries, none of which adequately compensate staff for the work which they are doing;
  4. Many workers have no benefits, no pension plans, no prep time for teachers and in general sub-standard working conditions;
  5. Some contracts do not even allow for sick days;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR:

  1. Call on CIC to do a survey of working conditions in the sector and act to improve funding levels to allow agencies to provide reasonable working conditions;
  2. Investigate disparities in salary contributions in agreements with, inter alia, HRDC and Health Canada, with the objective of making a human rights complaint on discrimination in contracting.
Working Group: 
Immigration and Settlement