Refugee women at risk

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Resolution number: 
May 2003

CCR Resolution 8, Nov. 1993 called for physical protection of refugee women in Africa and Resolution 17, June 1994 called for women at risk to have interviews waived;

Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR:

  1. Urge the Government of Canada to assign more officers to African visa posts, particularly Accra, Abidjan and Nairobi, with a mandate to process women at risk refugee files, and to ensure expedited processing by waiving interviews where UNHCR records are clear and complete to allow for in-Canada security and medicals where the woman and her dependant children's well-being is in doubt;
  2. Urge UNHCR to send additional resettlement officers to Africa for the identification and selection of women at risk;
  3. Urge CIDA to increase funding for the identification and protection of refugee women at risk and their children;
  4. Urge the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to direct visa officers to comply with their own overseas protection guidelines in processing vulnerable and at risk refugee cases (3 to 6 months).
Working Group: 
Overseas Protection and Resettlement