Refugee women as leaders

Resolution number
  1. The CCR has expressed commitment to inclusive practices and in particular refugee participation;
  2. Refugee women face systemic and societal barriers in accessing opportunities for participation in leadership capacities;
  3. Participants of the Refugee Women's meeting expressed a desire and commitment to continued participation and identified the need for space to share experiences, network, address specific issues and develop affirmative actions for follow up;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Provide space at CCR conferences for refugee women, with a priority to outreach to informally organized refugee women;
  2. Ensure refugee women as a priority in the nominations for positions to the CCR Executive and Working Group Chairs, similar to the refugee participation policy;
  3. Identify better strategies in the promotion of the Refugee Participation Fund to include better methods of ensuring continuity, support and orientation for participants, e.g. mentoring;
  4. Strongly encourage member agencies to facilitate support of the participation of refugee women through the Refugee Participation Fund and to provide resources and support to develop and maintain networks at local levels.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement