Refugee sponsorship training program

Resolution number: 
May 2001
  1. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has expressed; a desire for a coordinated continuum in the refugee sponsorship process;
  2. CIC has issued a tender for proposal for an In-Canada Service Provider (ISP), the latest with a closing date of May 29, 2001;
  3. The ISP tender should have been posted for the public after budget was secured;
  4. The RSTP was extended to June 30, 2001 to facilitate transition to the ISP;
  5. There is another indefinite delay in the July 1, 2001 starting date for the ISP;
  6. There is a significant increase in new Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH) to whom RSTP/ISP would be indispensable in order for them to carry out their work effectively;
  7. The training and resources developed by the RSTP have enhanced SAHs effectiveness in refugee sponsorship;
  8. There will be a significant gap with the dissolution of the RSTP on June 30, 2001, which will result in the loss of infrastructure and knowledgeable staff;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR request CIC to continue funding the RSTP until such time as an ISP, based on the model developed between CIC and SAHs on February 5-6, 2001, is established.


Working Group: 
Overseas Protection and Resettlement