Public inquiry into canadian military actions in Somalia

Resolution number: 
November 1994
  1. The CCR advocates on behalf of the human rights of refugees in Canada and abroad;
  2. Many clients of our constituent organizations are Somalis who have fled to Canada due to the torture and persecution they have suffered in their homeland at the hands of other Somalis;
  3. Canada's reputation as a country which respects human rights is the reason many refugees chose our country as a place of asylum;
  4. The CCR is therefore shocked that members of the Canadian military have been involved in the torture of a Somali youth, and that there are allegations of other serious abuses of Somalis by Canadian military personnel;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR strongly support a full public inquiry into the actions of the Canadian military in Somalia, as recently announced by the Minister of Defence, and urge the Canadian government to proceed with this inquiry as soon as possible.

Working Group: 
Inland Protection