National population strategy

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Resolution number: 
December 2001
  1. The Auditor General of Canada in his report of April 1998 devoted an entire chapter (Chapter 6) to the demographic challenges facing Canada, saying “We are living longer and we are having fewer children. These are indisputable facts;”
  2. The Auditor General has pointed to the “significant impact” of these demographic trends, particularly on the economy and on the long-term financial condition of the government.
  3. The Auditor General has drawn attention to the inadequacy of the information provided by the Government to Parliament and the public about the implications of current demographic trends and their potential impact;
  4. The Government of Canada appears to have taken no overt action to respond to the recommendations of the Auditor General in these matters;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR call on the Government of Canada to:

  1. Tell the people of Canada about the potential impacts that demographics can have, as detailed in, and as recommended by the 1998 report of the Auditor General;
  2. Devise a long-term strategy for increasing immigration as a response to the demographic challenges described by the Auditor General.
Working Group: 
Immigration and Settlement