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Resolution number: 
December 1999

there are differences in the delivery of Settlement and language services in small communities (i.e. limited access to services, multi-level language classes, child care, transportation support) due to immigration patterns as well as regional disparities;

Therefore be it resolved: 

That CCR write to CIC to stress that:

  1. Services in small communities in Ontario should be based on regional realities of the province and should reflect the equality of services right across the regions of Ontario;
  2. Current LINC contracts be reviewed and evaluated in the light of de-committals;
  3. NGOs in rural areas be given special consideration to deliver high quality and equitable services;
  4. The criteria for the renewal of LINC contracts be based on clear pre-established criteria, not arbitrary criteria introduced after contracts are signed;
  5. CIC immediately begin a consultation discussion with community stakeholders before de-committals are implemented.
Working Group: 
Immigration and Settlement