Kosovo program

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Resolution number: 
May 1999
  1. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has introduced an Emergency Evacuation Program for refugees from Kosovo which aims to ensure the borders of Kosovo remain open for further refugees;
  2. This evacuation program has been identified outside of global resettlement needs;
  3. The Government of Sweden which is evacuating Kosovars is reducing its resettlement program in response to this evacuation program;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR:

  1. Write to UNHCR to welcome the protection initiative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and to encourage UNHCR to apply a similar program in comparable situations in other world regions;
  2. Write to CIC to:

    a) Welcome the Canadian response to this program for refugees from war and urge Canada to respond in a comparable way to future similar appeals from UNHCR;

    b) Express our appreciation of the possibility of permanent residence in the Canadian program and caution that the wishes of the refugee must be paramount;

    c) Urge Canada to bring other refugees nominated by UNHCR as in urgent need of protection in an equally swift manner;

    d) Urge Canada to extend to other refugees in Canada equally fast family reunification and the extended Interim Federal Health Program.

    e) Ask Canada to urge other countries, including Sweden, not to use the Kosovo appeal as a rationale for reducing existing resettlement programs.

Working Group: 
Overseas Protection and Resettlement