ISAP services

Resolution number
  1. Immigrants and refugees need and deserve complex social, community and employment services to facilitate effective settlement;
  2. The CCR is deeply concerned about the human tragedy of those immigrants and refugees who do not settle successfully, some ending up trapped in low level employment for which they are far over qualified or on assistance;
  3. There are very limited resources to which settlement clients can be referred to for services meaning that settlement services go well beyond simple information and referral;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR urge Citizenship and Immigration Canada to undertake a review of the ISAP program, in consultation with service providers, other experts and stakeholders, with the intention of:

(a) examining what services are needed to help immigrants and refugees settle successfully.

(b) defining outcomes and standards for those services.

(c) reviewing reasonable case loads to assure an appropriate level of service.

(d) significantly raising the level of funding to settlement services in Canada.

Working Group
Immigration and Settlement