Housing Eligibility

Resolution number
  1. Housing is a human right.
  2. Homelessness and lack of safe and adequate housing has a profound and detrimental impact on children and adults, and long-term consequences for their health, mental health and wellness.
  3. When immigration status is used as eligibility criteria for shelter, housing, related supports, housing rights and entitlements, refugee claimants, migrant workers, international students and other with precarious immigration status or no immigration status are excluded.
  4. The immigration status bar has a disproportionate impact on racialized people, especially racialized women, who are over-represented among those who are low-income and in need of shelter, housing and related supports.
Therefore be it resolved

the CCR calls on the Government of Canada, and Provincial and Territorial governments to eliminate any and all exclusions to shelter, housing and supports based on immigration status so that all those in need of shelter and housing are eligible to access this basic resource.

Working Group
Immigration and Settlement