Francophone Immigration outside of Quebec

Resolution number
  1. Canada has given itself a “Strategic Framework to Foster Immigration to Francophone Minority Communities” for francophone immigration outside of Québec. The strategy was crafted by the federal and provincial governments, at the request and with the participation of francophone communities outside of Québec;
  2. Canada's current activities of recruitment of francophone immigrants abroad are mostly targeted at francophone countries in Europe, to the detriment of francophone countries in other regions of the world;
  3. Francophone immigrants, most of them belonging to racialized communities, face differential treatment and experience poor outcomes in the Canadian labour market and other areas of Canadian life;
  4. Yearly target levels for francophone immigration outside of Québec continue to be below the levels needed to ensure the demographic viability of francophone communities outside of Québec;
  5. Refugee and immigrant serving organizations outside of Québec have a key role to play in supporting francophone immigrants’ settlement and integration, even if they do not provide services in French;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Engage with the federal and provincial governments as appropriate to ensure:
    1. Fair, culturally adapted recruitment practices in francophone countries outside of Europe;
    2. An increase in yearly target levels for francophone immigration so the demographic goals of Canada’s strategy for francophone immigration are met;
    3. That the implementation of Canada’s strategic framework for francophone immigration outside of Québec seeks concrete results of fair and equitable integration of francophone newcomers.
  2. Offer its member organizations tools and opportunities to be sensitized to and understand the specific challenges facing francophone immigrants outside of Québec.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement