Equity for International Students

Resolution number
  1. The federal, provincial and territorial governments are increasingly recruiting international students as a source of permanent residents, as they are already partially integrated and therefore require fewer post-diploma settlement services (ex. language training);
  2. Applicants for students visas are rejected if they express the desire to stay in Canada permanently, while Canada’s economic immigration system encourages international students to apply for permanent residency at the end of their studies;
  3. Their precarious status puts them in positions of vulnerability (ex. labour exploitation, conjugal violence);
Therefore be it resolved

that the CCR take the position that:

  1. Prospective international students should not be penalized in their visa application if they declare their desire to apply for permanent residency upon graduation.
  2. The federal and Quebec governments finance full access to settlement and other support services for international students and their dependants.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement