Equitable Access in Africa

Resolution number: 
June 2010
  1. Equitable access to resettlement and dignified treatment are fundamental to a just refugee resettlement system;
  2. Processing times for refugees to Canada from Africa are unacceptably long;
  3. The number of visa offices processing permanent residence applications in Africa is shockingly inadequate;
  4. CIC does not have the physical office space and resources to process applications;
  5. Refugees and their families suffer disproportionately from this situation in spite of the reality that African countries host huge numbers of refugees in need of resettlement;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR call on the government of Canada to provide:

  1. Sufficient visa offices in Africa to ensure adequate access.
  2. Sufficient resources to ensure timely processing times for refugee and family class applications in Africa.
Working Group: 
Overseas Protection and Resettlement