Afghan refugees

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Resolution number: 
December 2001
  1. The situation of refugees in Pakistan is increasingly precarious;
  2. Conditions necessary for repatriation as a durable or even physically safe solution will not be established in Afghanistan for some time to come;
  3. The level of instability requires a special level of response from all countries that provide humanitarian support and resettlement options for Afghans externally displaced;
  4. The Canadian Government is in a position to respond to the situation of these persons with concrete actions;
  5. A clear response by the Canadian Government will send a strong positive message about Afghan refugees to the Canadian public;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR urge the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to:

  1. Provide extra financial and human resources to deal with processing in this crisis situation by use of secondment, voluntary temporary assignment or any other creative means;
  2. Identify rapidly, through the major processing posts, a pool of Afghan refugees, especially unaccompanied women and children, in need of resettlement, and to process cases from this pool immediately;
  3. Immediately clear the backlog of Afghan refugee resettlement cases;
  4. Implement a blended sponsorship program to facilitate more private sponsorships of Afghan refugee cases;
  5. Announce publicly the urgent need for these measures and the Government’s commitment to carry them out.
Working Group: 
Overseas Protection and Resettlement