Report on 2016 National Forum and Workshop on Trafficking in Persons


On 23 November 2016, the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) hosted a National Forum on Trafficking in Persons in conjunction with the CCR Fall 2016 Consultation in Montreal.

Over 60 individuals participated in the forum, primarily from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Alberta and British Columbia. The forum facilitated dialogue between representatives of non-governmental organizations (including anti-trafficking and social justice advocates), service providers, academics, as well as representatives of different levels of government.

The objectives of the Forum were:

  • To encourage collaboration among the pan-Canadian network of NGOs, service providers and others working to protect trafficked persons and raise awareness about trafficking in Canada;
  • To share experiences, responses and effective strategies around awareness-raising and service provision;
  • To identify and analyze trends, needs, policy concerns and priorities to improve protection of trafficked persons in Canada (locally, provincially, nationally);
  • To discuss advocacy strategies and specific actions to address the barriers to protection.

Partcipants at the Forum identified a number of priorities to address the needs of trafficked and potentially trafficked persons. These are intended to guide the ongoing work of NGOs, service providers, law enforcement, immigration agencies, policy makers, and other groups involved in anti-trafficking work in Canada. This report summarizes the discussions at the Forum, as well as the suggestions and priorities that emerged for advancing anti-trafficking work in Canda.