Refugee Rights Week at the University of Alberta

6 - 8 pm


MONDAY, MAR 29: Refugee Reactions to Canada (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). An panel discussion of our Student Refugee Program sponsored students. Facebook Page.

TUESDAY, MAR 30: Travel Loans Talk (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). Did you know that we expect refugees to pay $10000 after arriving in Canada? Learn more about this policy from the experts. Facebook Page.  

WEDNESDAY, MAR 31: Baha’I Refugee Situation (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). An explanation of this faith-based persecution from Campus Association for Baha’I Studies and special guest Mitra Knight. Facebook Page coming soon!

THURSDAY, APR 1: Environmental Refugees: Screening of “The Refugees of the Blue Planet” (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). Admission is FREE and the proceeds of a concession stand (popcorn/cookies etc) will go to Uniterra’s International Seminar in Nepal, a six-week program giving twenty students from Canada the opportunity to engage in forest sustainability and international development research. Julia Frohlich will be going on behalf of WUSC and the University of Alberta to participate in the seminar this summer! Facebook Page.

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Host (organizer of event)
Univeristy of Alberta WUSC Student Group