National Human Trafficking Assessment Tool

The CCR has developed a national human trafficking assessment tool that screens for elements that may indicate the possibility of human trafficking. This tool is meant to help guide first-contact service providers across Canada in identifying and responding to situations of human trafficking. We recognize that organizations and service providers face different local realities and made every effort to remain sensitive to this in developing this tool.

This is not a clinical tool and is meant to serve as a complement to additional training on human trafficking. 

The assessment tool is available for download and consists of two parts:

PART 1 - Preliminary Assessment

  • Guidelines on how to use the tool (please read carefully);
  • The definition of human trafficking used for the development of the tool;
  • A set of preliminary assessment questions meant to assist service providers to determine whether or not a full assessment on human trafficking might be necessary, to be used following the intake process or at any time after involvement with a client.  

Please note that in addition to these questions, other factors and signs can indicate that a person may have been trafficked. Please be sure to review some of the resources below to inform yourself of potential signs.

Download PART 1 here

​PART 2 - Full Assessment

  • A full assessment with elements that may indicate the possibility of trafficking;
  • Emergency contact information per province.

Download PART 2 here

Resources Available Online

Disclaimer: In our consultations with service providers across Canada, the resources and indicators listed below were commonly suggested as being valuable in screening, assessing, and assisting in potential cases of human trafficking. Please be aware that the opinions, content, and links offered do not necessarily reflect the views of the CCR and that the CCR cannot ensure their reliability.

Delphi Indicators, International Labour Organization. Offer operational indicators that can be used to examine a potential situation of trafficking of adults and children for both labour and sexual exploitation. They offer specific examples to better guide those who work with or who may encounter trafficked persons on a day-to-day basis.

Screening for Human Trafficking, Guidelines for Administering the Trafficking Victim Identification Tool (TVIT), VERA Institute of Justice.

Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP) Online Training Program.

CCR Resources

Starter Toolkit for Awareness-Raising on Trafficking in Persons. Intended for anyone wishing to start or enhance outreach and awareness-raising activities on trafficking in persons in their own communities, organizations and sectors. Highlights resources that are used by organizations across Canada in their work on trafficking.

Backgrounder on Trafficking in Persons for Forced Labour. Provides information on how trafficking in persons for the purpose of forced labour takes place in Canada.

Download the full assessment tool here