National Forum on Human Trafficking


Hotel Marriott Chateau Champlain
1 Place du Canada
Montreal QC H3B 4C9


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The annual forum provides a space for networking, sharing information, tools and strategies to better meet the needs of trafficked persons and those in potential trafficking situations in Canada. The Forum also identifies and advocates on areas of policy reform needed to protect the rights of trafficked persons.

The forum takes place directly after the CCR Fall Consultation, 26-28 November 2018 in Montreal , where there will also be a trafficking workshop on 27 November.

What to expect:

  • A cross-Canada panel discussion on anti-trafficking challenges, trends, promising practices and collaboration opportunities (from an intersectional perspective)
  • Small roundtable discussions on key themes (see below)
  • An advocacy fair with resource people doing direct and systemic advocacy (eg. labour organizing, lobbying the government, direct advocacy for caregivers, ethical advocacy for people with lived experience, effective legal strategies)

Key themes:

  • Policy reform and access to justice: collaborating on key issues
  • Trafficking, gender, intersectionality: how to work together
  • Advocacy tools for service providers

Who should attend?

You should attend this meeting if you are:

  • involved in the movement against human trafficking as an organization or individual
  • a front-line worker in settlement or other support service delivery working with trafficked persons, including trafficked non-citizens
  • an advocate for migrant workers, social justice, human rights
  • a person with lived experience in a trafficking situation
  • an academic, researcher or other stakeholder interested in acting in response to trafficking issues

Join us for both the Forum on 29 November and the workshop on 27 December!

Register online by 23 November. Register early as spaces are limited! 

CCR Contact: 514-277-7223, Ext. 4.

CCR understands trafficking along a spectrum of exploitation, including labour and human rights violations. At its core, trafficking occurs when exploitation meets coercion.

Learn more about the CCR's work on trafficking:

This meeting is hosted by the CCR Anti-Trafficking Committee, which includes service providers, anti-trafficking advocates, legal practitioners, violence against women and policy advocates from across Canada.

We hope you will be able to join us!