Take Action for Migrant Workers' Rights

Tell the government that migrant workers in Canada must have rights.

Migrant workers’ need work permits that are not tied to a single employer!

  • Migrant workers’ work permits are tied to one employer:  if they lose their job, they lose the right to be in Canada
  • Migrant workers can only work for the employer that brought them to Canada –  some are sent home if they complain or become injured or pregnant
  • Tied work permits make migrant workers vulnerable to abuse because their status in Canada depends on their employer
  • If migrant workers complain they can be fired and deported by their employer, so they often feel forced to endure abuse
  • If a migrant worker loses their job, they find themselves homeless, jobless and without legal status in Canada
  • Denying migrant workers the right to change jobs makes them more vulnerable to situations of human trafficking

Sign the petition from CMWRC: http://migrantrights.ca/en/take-action/#email