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Who can become a CCR member?

CCR members at a national ConsultationFor reasons of continuity, participation and commitment we seek organizations as Members.

Members are Canadian non-profit organizations concerned for the rights of refugees and other vulnerable migrants and for the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada.

To become a Member, please fill out the CCR Member application form online and attach the required documents. Check the fee scale to pay according to your organization's budget.

All membership applications must be approved by the CCR Executive Committee. For the Committee to evaluate a CCR membership candidate the following information is needed:

  • completed application form, including attached copies of:
    • your organization's mission statement or constitution, or a description of the work it does relating to refugees and immigrants
    • a copy of the last completed financial report
    • confirmation that your Board or Executive Committee has endorsed application for membership in the CCR (minutes from the relevant Board or Executive meeting are good)
  • a cheque (or online payment if under $200) for the first year's membership

Once we receive your completed application, we will present it for approval to the next CCR Executive Committee meeting, and we will let you know the results.

Individuals can become Associate Members. Associate Members are individuals who do not belong to a group or organizations which could become a member.

Other categories of CCR membership are:


Contact Us

If you have questions about joining the CCR, your application, or online accounts contact Alice Alvarez-Pereyre, Member Services Coordinator, at 514-277-7223 ext. 6, or by email at If you are an existing CCR member and have questions about your fees, or updated contact details you can also send an email to

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