Francophone Committee

Terms of Reference

Canadian Council for Refugees Francophone Committee (FC)


The mandate of the Canadian Council for Refugees Francophone Committee (FC) is to:

  1. Promote bilingualism and the inclusion of francophone members within the CCR
  2. Promote issues and challenges specific to francophone CCR member organizations through greater participation of francophone members within the CCR.


Regarding promotion of bilingualism and inclusion of francophones

  1. As part of the CCR’s anti-oppression policy, work towards greater inclusion of francophone members, taking into account race, age, gender, sex and geographical representation.
  2. Ensure the improvement of bilingualism through better access in French to CCR services, events, meetings, tools and resources for francophone members.
  3. Ensure a greater presence and involvement of francophone members.
  4. Support the CCR Youth Network to have more francophone youth members.

Regarding participation of francophone members and issues and challenges specific to them

  1. Provide advice, suggestions, expertise and support on issues related to the protection (overseas and Canada) and settlement in Canada of francophone immigrants and refugees through the CCR Working Groups and / or their respective Steering Committee.
  2. Ensure that the issues identified by the Working Groups include the specific issues and needs of francophone immigrants and refugees, and where appropriate propose to the Working Groups priorities and recommendations as a response to the issues identified.
  3. Ensure information sharing on member organizations’ issues and best practices relating to francophone immigrants and refugees through FC meetings and other virtual meetings as needed.


  • Are eligible to join the FC, each member organization or associate member of the CCR that provides services in French to newcomers (immigrants and refugees) or any member of the CCR who is concerned about the FC’s mandate.
  • The membership is established with the formal expression of the desire to be part of the FC. An official list of members will thus be established and will allow the identification of active members of the FC-CCR.
  • The FC can identify individuals from external agencies to be invited to act as resource persons. These individuals are not members of the CCR’s FC, but may be invited to attend relevant meetings of the Committee without the right to vote.


Roles and responsibilities

  1. One person is elected co-chair by the FC.
  2. One person is elected as responsible for Networking. This person does the liaison with the Membership Committee (subcommittee of the Executive Committee) and relays the suggestions and recommendations of the FC regarding the recruitment of francophone members.
  3. One person is elected as responsible for bilingualism and inclusion. This person does the liaison with the Executive Committee to relay the FC’s suggestions for greater bilingualism and greater francophone inclusion.
  4. Three persons are elected as responsible for francophone issues in the three CCR Working Groups. These people do the liaison with each of the Working Groups so that the FC’s priority issues are reflected in the CCR structure.
  5. The FC will be logistically supported by the CCR office through the francophone outreach coordinator.


  • Meetings of the FC will be exclusively in French.
  • The FC will meet in a francophone caucus during each CCR Consultation (twice a year during National Consultations) whether this is during the official program or outside of it.
  • The FC will meet at Working Group meetings (twice a year).
  • The FC will meet via teleconference as needed, every 3 months (August, November, February, May).



  • The elections will take place during CCR's autumn Consultations, among the members present at the FC meeting
  • All mandates will last 2 years and will be renewable once. Although, for the first elections, the position as responsible  of networking and bilingualism and inclusion as well as one of the position as responsible for francophone issues will be for a one year mandate, to allow staggering rotation.


Reviewing the Terms of Reference

  • One year after the first elections, the terms of reference will be subject to evaluation by the FC and will be amended accordingly.


Approved by the Executive May 2018, for review in one year

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