COVID-19 Resources

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Public documents


Order in Council - travel ban (affecting air travel other than from the US - revised version 26 March with additional exemptions) (original 18 March Order in Council - travel ban)

Order in Council - US border (revised version, 20 April) (Original Order in Council - US border)


News release, Exemptions to travel restrictions (air travel), 20 March

Special measures to help temporary and permanent residents and applicants affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID‑19)

COVID-19 Program delivery instructions

Temporary Emergency Measures for Refugee Claims (notice re. inland claims - updated 20 March)

Guidance from IRCC for Private Sponsors Regarding COVID-19



Practice notice – Special measures due to covid-19 (7 April)

Advisory Notice – COVID-19 (March 20)

Notice of measures related to COVID-19 (March 18)

RPD: Practice notice on the temporary extension of time limits for filing the basis of claim form

RAD: Practice notice on the temporary extension for time limits for filing a notice of appeal and perfecting an appeal

Closure of IRB front offices

Federal Court

Practice Direction and Order (COVID-19) (March 17)

Message in response to COVID-19 (March 13)


Information about making a refugee claim in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic

Key Legal Considerations on access to territory for persons in need of international protection in the context of the COVID-19 response

Other sources

RSTP, COVID-19 Updates (for private sponsors of refugees)

ALPA, Access to financial benefits during COVID-19

The United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW Canada), Federal government’s COVID-19 response: Income supports for affected workers

AMSSA has created a website specific to supporting Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) and are gathering and posting resources on how TFWs can be supported during this time.