Consultation Program

  Thursday 28 November

  Friday 29 November

  Saturday 30 November

Consultation pamphlet

The program and other information can be found in the consultation pamphlet.


Caucus Sessions

Caucus sessions are informal discussions on a specific topic. The scheduled Saturday morning sessions are open to all interested participants, unless otherwise noted. Email to reserve a caucus session space at an alternate time.

Orientation Sessions

There will be an orientation session for new participants held at the Consultation on Thursday 28 November from 8:30 to 9 am.
This Brief Guide to the CCR Consultation might also be help to read before the Consultation if you are attending for the first time.


Related Meetings and Events

CCR National Forum on Human Trafficking, 27 November 2019, Ottawa ON

Join the CCR and local organizations for a full-day meeting for migrant workers and people working with or advocating for the rights of migrant workers. The key theme is "Protection and Justice for Trafficked Persons". Click here for more information and registration.