Oppose the proposed “Conditional Permanent Residence” for sponsored spouses


Proposed “Conditional Permanent Residence” for sponsored spouses

Take action!

  • Meet with your Member of Parliament to express concern over the proposal: take along these background documents (two-page backgrounder, one-page summary) for your MP, and consult our tips for meeting with MPs
  • Make the concerns known in the public and through the media.
  • Meet with your provincial government and encourage them to voice opposition to this proposal to the federal government
  • Write a letter (here is a model letter to use) to the Ministers of CIC and Status of Women, and to your MP
  • Network with other settlement and women's organizations in your province to take on the issue
  • Have your organization sign on to the joint statement opposing the proposal.  Email assist@ccrweb.ca.
  • Create your own statement or press release in opposition to the proposal