Canadian Council for Refugees E-Chronicle, Vol. 11 no. 5, 19 September 2016

CCR Chronicle

Canadian Council for Refugees E-Chronicle
Vol. 11 #5, 16 September 2016

In this issue:

  1. New CCR infographics

Millions of Canadians have opened their doors and hearts by welcoming refugees from all over the world into their communities across the country. At this present time, the global need for resettlement is greater than ever. Canadians want to know that their government is fulfilling its international responsibility, on behalf of all Canadians, to protect refugees through resettlement.

The CCR has published three new infographics explaining some of the realities of refugees in Canada.

  1. Infographic strong and equitable resettlement explains the need for a strong and equitable response to the global need for resettlement.
  2. Infographic refugee resettlement explains the basics of the Canadian refugee resettlement programs.
  3. Refugee myths busted! Choosing facts over fear is an infographic busting some of the myths that we hear about refugees and showcasing some of the facts that reflect the reality of the refugee experience.

** Feel free to share these infographics with your friends and add them to your advocacy toolkit.

  1. New webinar resources

The CCR has released two free public webinar resources for anyone to learn from:

  1. Countering islamophobia through advocacy and public education
    • This webinar was organized as part of the Refugees Welcome Here! campaign, led by Amnesty Canada (anglophone and francophone sections), and the CCR. The session focused on effective strategies and practical tools to address Islamophobia through advocacy, public education, civic engagement, as well as practical advice on challenging negative stereotypes about Islam, muslims, and effectively countering media narratives. 
  2. Identifying and assessing human trafficking: a national assessment tool: a two-part webinar
    • Launched in 2015, the CCR National Human Trafficking Assessment Tool was created to guide first-contact service providers across Canada in identifying and responding to situations of human trafficking. Ultimately, the tool is intended to strengthen the protection of trafficked persons in Canada. This two-part webinar series makes the case for the need to work collaboratively across the country to build evidence on human trafficking, and introduce this practical tool to guide conversations with potentially trafficked persons in order to better serve them. 

The CCR offers free access to all its webinars to its members. Members of the CCR also have access to our entire library of professional development webinars on a variety of topics surrounding the protection of refugees and other vulnerable migrants in Canada (available at 

To find out more about how to become a member of the CCR, please visit:
  1. Reforming immigration detention

Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, held a press conference recently where he acknowledged the need to address shortcomings in Canada's immigration detention policies and practices. Of particular interest, he committed to reducing to a minimum the detention of children, to developing alternatives to detention and to an accountability mechanism for the Canada Border Services Agency. Consultations on immigration detention are being held this fall by the government.

The CCR will continue to actively engage with the government on these issues. Relevant CCR documents can be found at

The CCR has published a series of charts to illustrate the state of immigration detention in Canada last year. The data in these charts comes from records of detention reviews held by the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2015:  

  1. CCR National Fall 2016 Consultation: Montreal, November 24 to 26

Join us in Montreal this November to explore questions affecting refugee protection and newcomer settlement at the Canadian Council for Refugees' Fall Consultation under the theme of Welcoming diversity: at the heart of what we do.

All are welcome!

With views from all Canadian provinces and with participants in fields as diverse as healthcare and the law, the conference offers opportunities for professional development, networking and strategy.

More information at:

  1. Save the date for GivingTuesday and show your support for refugees

    This year, the CCR is once again participating in GivingTuesday - a day dedicated to thinking about the many ways to give back to our communities, to share commitments and to act to effect change. On November 29, the CCR will be asking for your support!

    Stay tuned for ways to get involved. Keep an eye out on updates coming soon at:


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