Call for increased levels for refugees

In the next few weeks, the federal government will make crucial decisions about immigration levels for 2018. These decisions will affect how many refugees can find a permanent home in Canada.

If you support Canada opening the door to refugees, now is the time to write to your Member of Parliament, copying the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (, and to submit comments to the Prime Minister, asking the Government of Canada, in setting the immigration levels, to:

  • Increase Government-Assisted Refugee numbers to 20,000 per year;
  • Ensure the numbers for privately sponsored refugees are sufficient to clear the backlog of cases by the end of 2018;
  • Ensure the levels for “Protected Persons in Canada and Dependants Abroad” are high enough so that the increased numbers of refugee claimants can be quickly landed and reunited with family, if their claim is accepted.

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