Respond to Bill C-43: access to social assistance for claimants

Bill C-43, the omnibus budget bill tabled on 23 October 2014, contains provisions that would allow provinces to reduce access to social assistance for refugee claimants and other people without permanent status in Canada. 

If this bill is passed there could be major consequences for refugee claimants and others without permanent status, as well as new challenges for organizations serving  them.

The CCR's concerns are outlined in a media release, Budget bill targets refugees at their most vulnerable.

The provisions are the same as those found in Bill C-585, a private member's bill.

See this backgrounder for detailed information.

It is important for groups to take action right now, to make sure that Members of Parliament understand the issue and appreciate the potential consequences. Expressing opposition before Second Reading could lead to the Bill being defeated or withdrawn.

Suggested actions:

  • Have your organization sign an open letter opposing the provisions. Deadline to sign on Friday November 7. For a copy of the letter, write to
  • Submit a written brief, or asked to be heard by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, which will be studying the provisions relating to social assistance for refugee claimants. They will conclude their study by 21 November­.

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