ATCR 2023 participation

Apply to be part of the Canadian delegation!

The 2023 Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR) is scheduled to be held June 26-28, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland.

About the ATCR

The ATCR process brings together the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the governments and NGOs of resettlement countries, providing an opportunity for information-sharing and strategizing in support of resettlement and complementary pathways. There is also a commitment to including meaningful participation of people with lived refugee experience.

This year, the Government of Ireland is the chair and the Nasc Ireland is the NGO Focal Point.

The Concept Note prepared by the co-chairs tells us about the focus of this year's ATCR.

The CCR has identified its own priorities for ATCR in 2023.

Participation in June ATCR

We expect that Canada will be able to send 5 government and 5 NGO reps, as well (we hope) as some other individuals with experience of resettlement as a refugee.

We hope to have funding from The Canadian government for travel expenses. In addition, we have funding to cover travel costs for one person with lived refugee experience.

The NGO delegation and the recipients of the funding for refugee participants will be chosen through a process overseen by the CCR.

The NGO delegation will include:

  • a CCR rep to lead the delegation
  • a representative of an NGO involved in private sponsorship (member of SAH Association)
  • a representative of an NGO involved in the resettlement of Government Assisted Refugees (GARs)

We are inviting applications from individuals who are interested in being an NGO representative or a participant with lived experience. (We hope that some of the NGO representatives will themselves have refugee experience).

To apply, submit the form below by Friday, April 28, 8 PM EDT.

If relevant to your situation, you may apply both as an NGO representative and as a person with refugee experience.

Criteria for NGO representatives

The following criteria will be considered in selecting the NGO delegation:

  • The delegation will include a representative of an NGO involved in private sponsorship (member of SAH Association) and a representative of an NGO involved in the resettlement of GARs.
  • Members will be able to contribute to the overall Canadian NGO delegation (including ability to represent Canadian NGOs broadly and to be an effective representative in discussions with IRCC and UNHCR).
  • Members will be able to contribute to ATCR deliberations (relevant knowledge and experience, particularly related to topics on the agenda).
  • Members will commit to work as part of a team of Canadian NGOs, before the ATCR (preparatory meetings), during the ATCR, and after the ATCR (undertaking to report back to Canadian NGOs).
  • The delegation collectively will reflect a balance and diversity, including gender balance, regions of Canada, people with refugee experience, people from LGBTQ+ communities, people with ATCR experience and those with less experience.
Criteria for persons with lived refugee experience
  • Ability to contribute to ATCR deliberations (knowledge and experience related to the issues under discusion and ability to effectively advance issues of concern to refugees).
  • Overall balance and diversity, including a balance of gender, region in Canada, people experienced at ATCR and those with less ATCR experience.
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