Four Faces, Four Values in your Community: Stand Up! Get involved!

Stand up!  Get involved!

Do you want to join with Canadians in standing up for a fair and independent refugee system? 

Do you want to help communicate to the public the importance of honouring our obligations towards refugees, through policies that are affordable for all?

Join us in communicating what we want for refugees in Canada!  Here's what you can do :

checkboxSTAY on message:

  • fair
  • independent
  • honourable
  • affordable

checkboxTELL human stories, SHOW real faces

checkboxHIGHLIGHT positive messages

checkboxRAISE the voices of allies

We can do this every day, at work or school and in conversations with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and members of the general public.

Order or print out a copy of the 'What we want for refugees' bookmark.  Use it as a reminder of what to do and say so that we are effective in speaking about what we want for refugees, in all aspects of what we do.

Need some ideas to put these thoughts into action?

1)      Post what you want for refugees in Canada

2)      Create portraits – put a human face on the people who flee persecution and those who believe they should be welcomed

3)      Speak out! What do you want for refugees in your community?  Why do you stand up for fairness, independence, honour and affordability?

4)     Spread the word


1) Post what you want for refugees in Canada


4 Faces poster - womenWhat do you want for refugees in Canada?  Let others know by posting one of the CCR's posters!

Order copies from the CCR office.


Download copies and print them yourself:

- poster with four women

Poster - 4 youth- poster with four youth

Want to create your own posters?  Great idea!  

2) Create your own portrait and posters

Step One: Download the Four Faces, Four Values posters

Four Faces - logos
Print them out and use them in your portraits.




Step Two:  Create Four Faces, Four Values portraits of refugees, refugee claimants and allies in your community*

4 Faces - women

(* - Don’t forget to get permission from the people you photograph.  Use this consent form when getting permission to use someone's photo.  Please be sensitive to the fact that some people might not want their photo on the internet – but they might be happy to have their face shown locally.)

Step Three: Use these portraits to spread the word about what we want for refugees in Canada. Share your photos.


a) Send your photos (together with completed consent forms) by email to: and see them used as part of the CCR’s national campaign.


b) As part of public education efforts about refugees in your community – make posters, post photos on your website, use them in your local materials!



3) Speak out! What do you want for refugees in your community?

We have heard a lot recently from people who want to shut the door on refugees.  We need to hear strong messages from people who believe in protecting refugees.

Step One: Choose a creative way for your group to record their messages

(for example, short video clips or messages written on a colourful banner.  Aim for really short messages - one sentence).

Step Two: Record your messages.

If you like, ask people to complete these sentences:

I believe we need to treat refugees fairly because ______________________ .

An independent refugee system _______________________________.

We need to honour our legal obligations towards refugees so that  ________________________________.

I want an affordable refugee system that________________________________.

Step Three: Share!

Use these messages locally wherever you can. Share the results with CCR at:

4)     Spread the word


Here are some other ideas to stand up for refugee rights.  Let others know what you want for refugees in Canada!

  • Create posters or an exhibit in your local community as part of Refugee Rights Day (April 4th)Independant - Facebook
  • Include ‘What we want for refugees’ videos as part of your next film event
  • Use your recorded messages in a radio broadcast or podcast
  • Post photos and banners on your website
  • Use your ‘4 Faces’ photo on your Facebook profile on Refugee Rights Day April 4th 2011.
  • Empower refugees in your community to voice ‘What we want for refugees’ too!
  • Share this handout with others in your community.

Get creative and let us know how you are promoting Four Faces, Four Values: What we want for refugees in your community.  Send your ideas to