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Family reunification for all Mar 2017 PDF
Information for refugee claimants entering from USA This document provides information for people... Mar 2017 PDF
Private sponsorship networking On February 7, CCR hosted a virtual meeting for... Feb 2017 PDF
Refugees entering from US and Safe Third Country: FAQ Feb 2017 htm
Private sponsorship of refugees in 2017 Jan 2017 htm
Private Sponsorship of Refugees Toolkit Jan 2017 htm
Fall 2016 Consultation Report Jan 2017 PDF
Modernizing client service delivery The CCR prepared this submission to the House of... Jan 2017 PDF


Facing Facts: Myths and misconceptions about refugees and immigrants in Canada Dispels common myths and misconceptions about... PDF
What We Want for Refugees: Four faces, four values We want refugees to be treated fairly and... PDF



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