Forum on Migrant Worker Issues

Sunday, November 25, 2018
9am - 4:30pm
CSN (Confédération des syndicats nationaux)
1601 de Lorimier
Montreal, QC H2K 1M5

This full-day meeting will offer an opportunity for migrant workers to gather together with other participants (including advocates for migrant justice, front-line workers involved in settlement or other service delivery, and those involved in human rights or labour organizing) and share information and strategies on providing support to and advocating for the rights of migrant workers. 

The meeting takes place on November 25th, directly prior to the CCR Fall Consultation, November 26-28, in downtown Montreal.

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About the meeting:

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Create a space for sharing and learning among migrant workers, grassroots support groups, social service providers and migrant rights advocates
  • Share strategies and solutions for case work with migrant workers
  • Provide an opportunity for networking among migrant workers and individuals and groups working on issues related to migrant workers
  • Discuss policy advocacy and common campaign strategies

Should I attend?

You should attend this meeting if you are:

  • a migrant worker in Canada
  • an advocate for migrant justice and human rights
  • a front-line worker in settlement or other support service delivery
  • involved in the movement for worker’s rights

Please note that this forum is not appropriate for recruiters or immigration consultants who work with migrant workers on a for-profit basis, or for employers.

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Hosted by:

This meeting is co-hosted by the Canadian Council for Refugees and the Immigrant Workers Centre.

Also involved in organizing the meeting are: PINAY, Association pour la défense des droits du personnel domestique (ADDPD) and RATTMAQ (Réseau d’aide aux travailleuses et travailleurs migrants agricoles du Québec). 

Host (organizer of event): 
Canadian Council for Refugees