Refugee claimants in Canada need and deserve a fair and effective refugee determination system, and a warm welcome. 

You can help to make sure refugees can find asylum from persecution in Canada.

Join the Canadian Council for Refugees in urging the government to appoint sufficient qualified members of the Immigration and Refugee Board, in order to address the large backlog of claims.  Note that the Auditor General has pointed out that the shortfall in Board members has contributed to the backlog.  Emphasize that refugees and their families are suffering because of the long delays.  You can write to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and/or speak to your local MP.

Call, meet with or write Members of Parliament in your area, urging them to press for rapid passage of Bill C-291, which forces implementation of the Refugee Appeal Division, as provided for in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  

You can find more information at the campaign page for the Refugee Appeal Division.

Help to correct misinformation about refugees by setting the record straight when you come across it – in the media or in conversation with colleagues, friends, fellow students or others.  Refugees are amongst the most vulnerable people in Canada, and as such are easy scapegoats, especially in times of economic difficulty.

Consult Facing Facts for more information about myths and realities.



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