In the context of its spring 2003 consultation, the Canadian Council for Refugees hosted on 29 May 2003 an international workshop on Interdiction and Refugee Protection: Bridging the Gap.

The objectives of the workshop were
• To develop practical and principled policy and operational alternatives to current interdiction measures to protect the human rights of refugees
• To develop international links and joint strategies.

Interdiction and Refugee Protection: Bridging the Gap, Proceedings of International Workshop, 29 May 2003 PDF

The following are some documents offered as background to the discussions:

Attack of the Migration Integrity Specialists! Interdiction and the threat to asylum, article by Andrew Brouwer, May 2003, to be published in Refugee Update.

International Cooperation On Interdiction Of Asylum-seekers: a Global Perspective, by François Crépeau, published in Interdicting Refugees, Canadian Council for Refugees, May 1998.


Primary sources

Secondary sources