March 2005

1)  Refugees: A Canadian Perspective
This school kit is a set of resources for classroom teachers designed to increase the sensitivity of young Canadians to the plight of refugees and to the UN’s involvement in refugee issues as well as Canada’s support for refugee protection and assistance worldwide.  Available in English and French.  Produced by the UNHCR/ Canadian Council for Refugees / UNAC / Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The kit can be downloaded at PDF or ordered from the UNAC web site at
2) Teacher’s Corner on web page of the UNHCR
(find under Quick Find on Home Page)
Contains Teacher’s Tools such as Lesson Plans, Posters, Educational Kits (contains guides and videos for teachers), Books, Games, and Pamphlets and Brochures (on refugee children and teenagers).

3) UK UNHCR Public Information Unit at
Has materials on refugees for teachers.

4) Teacher’s Resource Booklet and the Web site Passages to Canada
To order a copy of the teacher’s resource guide contact their web site.

5) Doctors without Borders web site has a Curriculum for Teachers at