• Increase awareness of trafficking issues among NGOs.
  • Facilitate information exchange and collaboration among NGOs and other stakeholders about the needs of and best responses to trafficked persons.
  • Develop recommendations to improve the protection of trafficked persons.


NGOs only

9:30am – 10:30am: Opening session
Introductions and review of Forum objectives. Protection of trafficked persons in Canada in a global perspective.

11am – 12:30pm: NGO information sharing – focus on services and protection
Presentations from different regions on experiences, availability of services and protection, coordination with local government, main challenges

2pm - 3:30pm: Moving from information sharing to strategizing
Continue with information sharing in small groups
Review of the questions designed to draw out recommendations

4pm - 5pm: Strategizing
Plenary session: Identifying recommendations/strategies for protection and services from previous sessions in preparation for next day discussions.

Evening: Film (to be confirmed)

For all, in conjunction with CCR Fall Consultation

9:00 am - 10:30 am: CCR Opening Plenary
Will include presentation on trafficking

11am - 12:30pm: Workshop #1 – overview of issues
International best practices
Case examples of challenges in access to protection in Canada
Representative of NGOs presenting key NGO concerns as drawn from previous day

2pm - 3:30pm: Roundtable on protection and services
Sharing of information and strategizing on models of response to trafficked persons and challenges and successes in different regions.

4pm - 5:30pm: Roundtable (cont’d) and wrap-up
Continuation of roundtable
The next steps: identification of individual and collective follow up items