Does this describe you?

  1. Takes action on issues affecting refugees and immigrants
  2. Motivates others to take action
  3. Active in your local community
  4. Would like to develop your talents and skills in public awareness and outreach
  5. Wants to get more involved in the CCR

Then here’s your chance to become a Canadian Council for Refugees Regional Promoter!

What the CCR Regional Promoter Program is:

Over the past thirty years, the CCR has become known as a key advocate for refugee and immigrant rights in Canada thanks to committed volunteers in local communities.  To build on the CCR’s success in advocacy and outreach and to take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers, the CCR is inviting people who advocate for refugee and immigrant rights to become a CCR Regional Promoter

Those already active with CCR member organizations are ideal participants in this program. Other enthusiastic refugee and immigrants rights activists are also welcome to participate.  If you are not already involved with a CCR member organization, we can connect you to one in your area. 

The CCR Regional Promoter program is meant for people who want to become more involved in promoting refugee and immigrant rights locally, but who do not necessarily have an in-depth knowledge or familiarity with refugee and immigrant issues and the CCR.

With the help of CCR resources and materials, CCR Regional Promoters raise public awareness in local communities of challenges faced by refugees and immigrants.  They are also key players in reaching out to organizations, groups and individuals who are not already familiar with issues affecting many refugees and immigrants.

What CCR Regional Promoters do:

CCR Regional Promoters:

  1. Promote CCR materials, issues and campaigns among CCR members and beyond. 
  2. Help to coordinate local awareness raising efforts and to reach new local audiences outside of the refugee and immigrant-serving sector.
  3. Act as resource people for others wishing to become more active in CCR issues and campaigns or who are looking for additional resources on refugee and immigrant rights in Canada.  (You don’t need to have expertise on refugee and immigrant rights issues).
  4. Take advantage of local community events, networks and personal contacts to educate the local public in unique ways.

How much time is involved:

Interested candidates are asked to make a one-year commitment to the program.  How much time you spend promoting CCR issues, activities and campaigns largely depends on you and your plans to take action.

What the Canadian Council for Refugees provides to Regional Promoters:

Regional representatives will be provided with an orientation kit and public education materials to assist with their local efforts to promote refugee and immigrant rights.  Small, pre-approved expenses may also be available to cover the costs for local meetings with possible allies to promote CCR activities and campaigns.

Information Network:
CCR Regional Promoters will receive regular updates about resources and campaign actions and ideas through a special electronic discussion forum.  This discussion forum is also a great resource for exchanging ideas and plans with other Regional Promoters.

Specific training for new regional promoters will take place during the CCR’s Spring Consultation in Toronto, 22-24 May 2008 in a focused workshop session.  Regional promoters are not required to attend this training to participate in the program, however.

Regional representatives will exchange ideas and information in online discussion groups, during telephone conferences and in person, when possible during CCR national consultations.

Travel subsidies:
Some travel subsidies to attend CCR national consultations are available for select regional promoters, depending on need and on demonstrated commitment to the program. 

Details on how to apply for these travel subsidies will be sent to Regional Promoters prior to CCR Consultations.  Available travel funds will be allocated to those people with a demonstrated lasting commitment to the program, and who demonstrate financial need.

I’m interested! How do I apply?

See the registration form for more details.  You can also contact Colleen French, Communications and Networking Coordinator at the CCR office, with additional questions.