The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.
Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1L1


Dear Minister,

Points to include in your letter:

- underline the scale of the crisis facing refugees from Iraq and welcome the Minister's February 2009 announcement of increased resettlement of Iraqis through the Damascus visa post.

- express concern that the Canadian government has not responded to a special appeal made by the United Nations for resettlement for Palestinians fleeing Iraq.

- note that the Palestinians are held in camps in barren desert regions in the Iraq-Syria border area and are therefore particularly vulnerable.

- note that Canadian private sponsorship groups are stepping forward to resettle these refugees, but so far the Canadian government has declined to accept any under the government program.

- ask that Canada resettle 50 Palestinian families from camps in the Iraq-Syria border area, and that some of these families come as Government-Assisted Refugees.

- include a copy of the CCR’s call to the government with respect to the Iraqi refugee crisis http://www.ccrweb.ca/documents/iraqicall.pdf and/or the report from the international delegation to refugee camps on the Iraq-Syria border http://www.ccrweb.ca/documents/reportpalestinians.htm.


(your name)