We call on the Canadian government to:

  • Provide increased bilateral and multilateral support to Syria, Jordan and other neighbouring countries in the region that are hosting over two million Iraqi refugees.
  • Urge the governments in the region to keep their borders open to Iraqi refugees seeking asylum.
  • Increase overall resettlement targets (for both government-assisted and privately sponsored refugees) so that there can be a significant increase in numbers of Iraqi refugees resettled to Canada, without reducing the number of refugees resettled from other regions.
  • Expedite the processing of Iraqi refugees being resettled to Canada, including the security checks.
  • Educate the Canadian public about the needs of Iraqi refugees and promote the involvement of Canadians in the private sponsorship of Iraqi refugees.
  • Respond positively to UNHCR referrals for resettlement of Palestinian refugees in the border camps between Iraq and Syria.
  • Press other countries not to forcibly return Iraqis to their country of origin.

See also the Backgrounder on this issue.