The CCR is offering funding to assist one or more refugees in participating in the CCR spring consultation (28-30 May, Quebec City).  See for consultation details.  The funding will cover air/bus/train fare to Quebec City and shared hotel accommodation (but not other costs such as food or local ground transportation).  The registration fee will be waived.  Successful applicants will be eligible to apply to the fund for support to attend 3 CCR meetings next year.

Applicants must:

  • Be people who have had the experience of being a refugee.
  • Be affiliated with an organization that is a CCR member.
  • Fill in and submit the application form by Friday 1 May.

The CCR will use the following criteria in making the selection:
– ability to contribute to the CCR (this will be the main criterion)
– evidence of an ongoing commitment to participation in the CCR.
– financial need
– gender balance
– ethnic diversity
– gaps in representation within the CCR (e.g. a particular community or region that is not at present active within the CCR)
– promotion of youth participation

Please circulate this information to people and organizations that might be interested in applying.






Gender: Female                       Male               

Are you 25 years old or younger?  Yes / No

Name of CCR member organization to which you are affiliated:



Have you had the experience of being a refugee?


Which refugee community or communities do you consider yourself to represent?


What is your past involvement in refugee or settlement issues (eg. volunteer work, community activism, advocacy on cases or issues)?




Which CCR meetings have you attended?


How would you comment on the meeting(s)?


If you have never attended a CCR meeting, please explain why.



Please explain briefly why you are interested in participating in the CCR spring consultation.  Which issues are of particular interest to you?



How do you plan to use what you learn/gain from attending the CCR meetings?



The Refugee Participation Fund is intended for people who cannot otherwise afford to attend CCR meetings.  Please explain your financial need.


The fund will cover only your air/train fare and shared hotel accommodation.  How will you cover the other costs (e.g. meals, ground transportation)?



Name and contact information of a reference person (preferably someone who knows the CCR):




Please submit the completed application form by Friday 1 May 2009 to CCR:  email