Media articles: Trafficking

Human trafficking charges for two London residents 12 jui 2013
Human-trafficking conviction in nanny’s case hailed as precedent-setting 28 juin 2013
Man convicted of human trafficking in B.C. Filipino nanny case 27 juin 2013
Sexual exploitation detection training to begin in Surrey 15 mar 2013
New UN report says human trafficking found in 118 countries, majority of victims are women 12 fév 2013
Human-trafficking victim faces deportation to Hungary 9 fév 2013
Prostitution: le SPVM veut faire changer les mentalités 28 jan 2013
Des adolescentes auraient été contraintes à la prostitution à Edmonton 5 jan 2013
RCMP launches human-trafficking awareness campaign for teens, schools 23 nov 2012
Protection from human trafficking key for Canada’s migrant workers, say students 20 nov 2012
Mental and physical signs help identify victims of sex trafficking 19 oct 2012
Une mère et sa fille bientôt expulsées du Canada 16 oct 2012
Deux Hongroises expulsées du Canada 21 oct 2012
Hungarian refugee fears for safety of deported family 19 oct 2012
Canada to deport family of trafficking-ring victim 18 oct 2012
Traite de personnes à Hamilton : neuf autres personnes accusées 7 sep 2012
Sex-trade traffickers exploit Canadian visa rules 13 sep 2012
Woman pleads guilty in human trafficking case 30 jui 2012
What’s missing in Canada’s anti-trafficking effort? 27 jui 2012
Truckers against Trafficking helps identify human trafficking victims 19 jui 2012
Ottawa brings down curtain on foreign strippers 4 jui 2012
Canada to Ban Foreign Strippers over Exploitation Concerns 8 jui 2012
No more foreign workers for employers linked to sex trade: immigration minister 4 jui 2012
Exotic dancers, sex industry, targeted in new immigration rules 4 jui 2012
Strippers to be stripped of work visas: Kenney 11 juin 2012