Media articles: Trafficking

Human trafficking suspects face 15 charges 8 juin 2016
Man, woman charged by Toronto police in connection with human trafficking of girl 7 juin 2016
It's getting worse: Winnipeg girls as young as 9 being lured into sex trade: expert 7 juin 2016
Manitoba needs better legislation to fight traffickers, advocates say 6 oct 2016
Contre la traite des êtres humains, sommet des juges au Vatican 3 juin 2016
Un frein a la lutte contre l’exploitation sexuelle 4 juin 2016
Scott Tables Human Trafficking Bill 1 juin 2016
Buying sex is not a sport campaign launches ahead of Montreal Grand Prix 1 juin 2016
Amnesty International releases policy on sex work, rejects Nordic model 1 juin 2016
Canada, a welcoming country? The unaddressed issue of labour trafficking 27 mai 2016
Traite des femmes : encore des délais à prévoir au fédéral pour l'application du projet de loi fédéral C-452 4 mai 2016
Montréal, capitale de la traite des femmes 2 mai 2016
Migrant women should be able to call police without fear 17 aoû 2015
Red Deer couple charged with human trafficking at central Alberta hotel 17 avr 2015
Permits for human trafficking victims becoming harder to get: advocate 6 avr 2015
Human trafficking case in Sudbury falls apart 28 jan 2015
Daphne Bramham: Medical detectives rescue Surrey and Abbotsford's human-trafficking victims 8 oct 2014
Diplomat couple charged with human trafficking 9 mai 2014
Nanny caught up in human trafficking case 9 mai 2014
Women’s shelter for new Canadians shuts down from lack of funding 22 oct 2013
B.C. man sentenced to 18 months in nanny-trafficking case 15 oct 2013
A victim or a liar? The answer is key to B.C. human trafficking case 24 sep 2013
Promise of job, passport lured alleged human trafficking victim to Canada:court 13 sep 2013
B.C. woman pleads not guilty to forcing Tanzanian immigrant into virtual slavery 4 sep 2013
Couple charged with human trafficking first in London Police history 12 jui 2013