Media articles: Trafficking

Advocates meeting in Windsor call for action against human trafficking 21 fév 2020
La traite de personnes à Moncton : un phénomène grandissant 19 déc 2019
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Human trafficking ring dismantled in multi-jurisdictional investigation: York Regional Police 16 oct 2019
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Ottawa renforce son plan d’action pour lutter contre la traite des personnes 4 sep 2019
'Astounding numbers': 75 sex trafficking investigations reveal tip of the iceberg 3 sep 2019
Plus de demande pour des services aux victimes d'exploitation sexuelle 30 aoû 2019
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How a powerful story of surviving human trafficking can help others 12 juin 2019
For victims of human trafficking, ‘love turns into control, coercion and manipulation 7 juin 2019
Advocates studying human trafficking 'corridor' between N.S., other provinces 5 juin 2019
Hotline for victims of human trafficking goes live in Canada in 200 languages 29 mai 2019
Un regroupement religieux veut lutter contre la traite de personnes en Ontario 28 mai 2019
‘‘Traffic’’ : Jeunes filles à vendre’’ 15 mar 2019
L’Ontario : plaque tournante du trafic d’êtres humains 5 mar 2019
Dispelling common myths about human trafficking 20 fév 2019
‘Modern day slavery’: Why human trafficking often flies under the radar in Canada 14 fév 2019
Police in Ontario free 43 Mexicans brought to Canada by alleged human traffickers 11 fév 2019
Sexual Assault Support Centre fields 78 calls for anti-human trafficking program in first year 8 jan 2019
Sex trafficking 'definitely happening' and 'definitely on the rise 19 déc 2018
Ontario providing funding to Windsor, Sarnia for human trafficking projects 4 déc 2018
London's new tool to help victims of human trafficking 18 avr 2018
Human trafficking in sex trade thriving in Nova Scotia, Mountie says 26 fév 2018
Deux Torontois accusés de traite de personnes en Nouvelle-Écosse 28 aoû 2017