Media articles: detention

Ontario human rights official calls for change to immigration detention system 12 avr 2016 Toronto Star
Border services agency needs oversight: groups 1 avr 2016 Winnipeg Free Press
Immigration activists seek accountability for border cops 31 mar 2016 Georgia Straight
Independent oversight needed to monitor border agency, advocates say 31 mar 2016 CBC
Rights groups call for oversight of Canada border agency 31 mar 2016 The Vancouver Sun
Refugee advocates call for oversight of CBSA 31 mar 2016 ipolitics
Family ‘utterly in the dark’ about Chilean man's death in detention 23 mar 2016 Toronto Star
Incarcerating migrants is inhumane 21 mar 2016 Toronto Star
Senators grill border agency officials about deaths in custody 21 mar 2016 CTV
Cachez ces morts suspectes 21 mar 2016 La Presse
Trudeau government looks at improving review of federal border agency 15 mar 2016 Winnipeg Free Press
Second immigration detainee dies in prison in less than a week 14 mar 2016 Toronto Star
Secrecy cloaks death of immigration detainee in Toronto jail 10 mar 2016 Toronto Star
Stop the indefinite detention of migrants in Canada 10 mar 2016 Toronto Star
Immigration Detainee Dies In Custody Of Canada Border Services Agency 9 mar 2016 Huffington Post
An inexcusable travesty: Canada sent a Syrian minor to solitary confinement 17 fév 2016 Globe and Mail
Des milliers de demandeurs d'asile emprisonnés au Canada 16 fév 2016 CBC/Radio Canada
Syrian boy seeking refugee status ordered deported to United States 16 fév 2016 CBC News
Former immigration detainee struggles with freedom after 67 months behind bars 1 fév 2016 Toronto Star
Border agency punishes detainee by prolonging detention, tribunal told 10 déc 2015 Toronto Star
Metro Vancouver hospitals refer hundreds of immigration cases to border police 9 déc 2015 Georgia Straight
Immigration detention: Trapped in a 'legal black hole' 4 déc 2015 Toronto Star
Volunteers offer detainees a connection to outside world 4 déc 2015 Toronto Star
Detention takes heavy toll on family 4 déc 2015 Toronto Star
Immigration detainee held under constant 'suicide watch' 4 déc 2015 Toronto Star
The high price of Australia%u2019s refugee policy 6 nov 2015 Policy Forum
Immigration detainees allowed to argue long-term, indefinite custody illegal 20 oct 2015 CBC News
U.K. deportation policy on asylum-seeking children under scrutiny 11 oct 2015 CBC News
UN alarmed by Canada's immigration detention 23 jui 2015 Toronto Star
Detainees demand answers in death of man in immigration custody 22 jui 2015 Toronto Star